Lambert Closse

Old Montréal historical tour

$260CAD, 3 hours walk max 8 guests

Discover ALL the secrets of Old Montréal has to offer.  Historic sites, spectacular architecture and art, great restaurants, cafés and shop.  Let me talk you through the city’s foundation site whileskeeping your special interests in mind!


Old city to NEW Montréal tour

$260CAD, 3 hours walk max 8 guests

This Old Montréal to Downtown is the perfect way to get your bearings around town.  Keep in mind that pertty much everything is 10-15 minutes walk from where you are staying at!  Festival Place, Chinatown, Underground city, Latin Quarter, Village


Grand tour of Montréal

$475CAD, 4 hours max 4 guests

This tour concist of a 1 hour walk in Old Montréal, then  3 hours touring the major attraction sites in a eco-friendly driven minivan.  Lets visit the Islands, Olympic park, some neighborhoods, Mount Royal, downtown, Underground.  Change in itineray welcomed!

Marche jean-talon

EXTRA Grand tour of Montréal

$770CAD, 6 hours max 4 guests

It is the Grand tour on steroides!  Add 2 extra hours for a visit to a bagel shop in the Mile End, visit famous Jean-Talon market in Little Italy.  Join the crowd for bite at a local  (not included in the price). Ideal mix of picture perfect stop, walks and driving around