Updated March 21st 2024

Old Québec historical tour

$325 cad, 3 hours walk max 8 guests

The BEST way to discover this beautiful UNESCO’s world heritage site!  This leisurely walk will allow you to learn about it’s historic military, religious, architectural and financial importance.  Dufferin terrace, Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, Place Royale and much more.


Grand tour of Québec

$725 cad, 4 hours max 4 guests

Concist of 1 hour walking in Old Québec and 3 hours driving to Plains of Abraham, Parliament site, Grande- Allée, the Citadelle.  Then drive 15 minutes to the picturesque Montmorency falls, a unique site where the Appalachians and Laurentians meet.


EXTRA Grand tour of Québec

$1 200 cad, 6 hours max 4 guests

It is the Grand tour on steroides!  Add 2 extra hours for a visit to Ste-Pétronille on Ile d’Orléan in the middle of the St-Lawrence river with spectacular views of Québec and add a food break to taste some local grub at a winery and more great views of the of the Montmorency falls.